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The Halfway Point, You can now be part of this film

Things have been quiet as I took a break from editing and production to focus on other projects and to catch up on other jobs. My wife Liza has not seen her family for 8 years, but this summer, she, along with our two daughters will finally be able to go home to Tacloban to spend some time with her family.

This has given me the needed encouragement to ramp up production on this film once again. I am about to launch a KickStarter crowdfunding project to help finish this film. While making this film is very personal and a passion of mine, it is also a very expensive and time consuming effort. My biggest expense right now is funding my travel expenses and hiring local Philippine based film crew. That's why I need your help to continue to move forward telling this heart wrenching, uplifting story of loss, survival, and faith after Typhoon Hiayan destroyed the lives of so many people.

We have a lot of interviews to complete as well as to document the recovery efforts and the Fiesta celebration that will happen at the end of June. The story is not complete, but with your help, I will be able to continue to share the important stories and show the needs of these amazing people.

Once our KickStarter campaign is up and running, you will be able to directly donate to help us complete this film. By donating, you can see your name on the big screen as a sponsor, contributor, executive producer, or associate producer. Once this film is complete, you can also donate and receive a copy of our film as a digital download or BluRay High Definition film. We also are offering corporate sponsorship that will feature your company in the opening credits. We will even travel to present our film to your group while talking about the making of the film. This is a great fund raising opportunity for any non-profit groups. Stay tuned for more!

Check back on May 1.......that's right May Day! A fitting day to launch this project again.

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