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Waiting for a Miracle

Directors:  Brent Dunn

Writer:  Brent Dunn

Genre:  Documentry


"Waiting for a Miracle   -   Tindog Tacloban"  (Rise Up)

is a Documentary Film about one man's journey to find family in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan hit Tacloban City with winds in excess of 230 miles per hour, destroying much of the city, killing thousands.


I documented my journey and struggles to take relief supplies, food, and water filtration to the survivors.


This is a "Crowd Funded" film, which means, I can only complete this film through your generous donations.  You may donate through our fund raising site at

The Hazies      Transformation

Directors:  Brent Dunn

Writer:  Brent Dunn and Dave Walker

Genre:  Music - Rocumentary

Released: Available on BluRay or DVD  (Digital Download coming soon)


The Hazies were a band from Tampa Bay who hit it big with their first record deal in the 90's. Formerly

known as "UROK," the changed their name as soon as the deal was signed.


This is a story about 20 years as a band and their first concert in 5 years at Jannus Live in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Full of interviews, their first music video, and live concert footage, re-live the amazing journey of The Hazies.


View the Music Video here.  The Hazies Music Video


 The Hazies - Transformation:   Movie Trailer


Tamar and Paul

Directors:  Brent Dunn

Writer:  Brent Dunn

Genre:  Feature Wedding Flm


I received most of my film training in a not so normal fashion.    I started a video production company in the Tampa, Florida area, primarly filming wedding, corporate, and event productions.


I didn't want my weddings to look like the old fashion cheesy videos, I wanted them to look like a feature film. So, I created these story lines out of my live wedding events and put together our Cinematic Feature Wedding Films.


Check out our Wedding Film here:

Kite Surfing
BMX Olympic Qualifier

Directors:  Brent Dunn

Writer Brent Dunn

Genre:  Action Sports


We love filming sports, from Soccer, Football, to BMX, Kite Surfing....any sport.  It's as exciting filming as it is playing.  The hardest part is not cheering.


Kite Surfing

This film was shot in one windy day in Florida after I stumbled onto a group of Kite Surfers.  I went back the next day and spent the day with them filming some amazing athletes who seemed to defy gravity.

Check it out here:   Kite Surfing Florida


BMX Olympic Qualifier

For the first time, BMX was part of the Olympics. I spent the day at the Olympic Qualifing races filming an event that was so fast, that it was over quickly after it started.  Wipeouts, aerial jumps, speed, and rival competition kept the day moving.  It was a great experience being part of this very cool event.

Check it out here: BMX Olympic Qualifier Florida



Ironman 70.3 Clearwater Beach

Directors:  Brent Dunn

Writer:  Brent Dunn

Genre:  Travel and Action Sports


In 2009, the Ironman 70.3 World Championships were held on Clearwater Beach.  The weather got a little rough, so the swim portion of the triathalon was moved to the intercoastal water way due to high seas in the Gulf of Mexico. 


The event was a great experience to film.  My favorite part was being on the finish line waiting to see who came around the corner.  Staying at the finish line proved to be the most dramatic part of the race, as many racers collapsed, spent of any energy, leaving everything on the course.


Check it out here;  Ironman 70.3 Clearwater Beach

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