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Waiting for a Miracle

Directors:  Brent Dunn

Screenwriter:  Brent Dunn

Genre:  Documentary



A story about one man's journey to find his family in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan slammed into Tacloban City, killing thousands.


This very personal journey started with a disaster and turned into a film project documenting my journey to find my wife's family in Tacloban City, Philippines.  The daily struggle to survive and recover. Lack of food, water, electricity, and shelter. Relief goods dissapearing. Bodies left on the streets for a week,


How do people go through such tragedy, pick themselves up,  and move on with their lives?

Tindog Tacloban  (Rise Up) 

The Hazies  Transformation


Brent Dunn


Brent Dunn & Dave Walker


Now, on BluRay & DVD

Digital Download Coming

Movie Trailer


This Rocumentary covers 20 years of Tampa Based band and former EMI recording artist The Hazies.  The film includes interviews woven through a sold out concert held at the famed Jannus Landing in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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